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   Constitution and By-laws

Richmond Munster Minor Softball Association

Constitution and By-laws

Article I

Name: The name of the organization shall be the Richmond Munster Minor Softball Association. The abbreviated form of the name is RMMSA.

Article II

The object of the association shall be: to provide softball for boys and girls in the minor categories. Age limits shall be as specified in the Canadian Amateur Softball Association Rule Book.

Ages are as of December 31st of the current year. Categories are:

Midget: 17, 18, 19
Bantam: 15 and 16
PeeWee: 13 and 14
Squirt: 11 and 12
Mite: 9 and 10
5-pitch: 7 and 8
T-ball: 4, 5, 6

Article III

Membership: Membership in the Richmond Munster Minor Softball Association shall be comprised of minor softball players from the broader Munster and Richmond area who agree to abide by, and comply with, the Constitution and By-laws of the Richmond Munster Minor Softball Association.  The period of membership shall commence on the first day of April of each year and extend to the thirty-first day of March of the following year.

Article IV

  1. That the Richmond Munster Minor Softball Association shall be carried on without the purpose of gain for its members and any other profits or other accretions to the Richmond Munster Minor Softball Association shall be used in promoting its objects.

  2. That upon dissolution of the Richmond Munster Minor Softball Association and after the payment of its debts and liabilities, its remaining property should be distributed or disposed of to charitable organizations which carry on their work primarily in the Province of Ontario. Equipment may be donated internationally.

Rules of Order

Rules of Order to be followed will be as laid out in the Ontario Amateur Softball Association Rule Book.

Richmond Munster Minor Softball Association By-Laws

Unless otherwise stated, Ontario Amateur Softball Association Rules will govern all games.

By-Law I — Membership

  1. A birth certificate (copy) may be requested at time of registration by the Richmond Munster Minor Softball Association or at any time thereafter if a concern about the player’s age is registered with the Association.

  2. All fit players must play in 60% of the games, which are part of the regular schedule to be eligible for the year-end tournament.  His/her name must appear on the score sheet before he/she is considered to have played a game. Season prorated for injured players.

  3. Teams failing to comply with the above rules shall automatically forfeit to the opposing team.

  4. If a parent has registered their children then would like a refund then a $25 fee may be retained for administration purposes.

  5. All NSF cheques are subject to a $15 charge by the association.

  6. Conveners have discretion to place players up permanently for several reasons including if too few players are registered to run a team. Such players should only be one year younger than the minimum age of the higher category, however, preparedness to succeed in the next higher category is key.  Younger players can play up permanently or occasionally. Coaches can initiate occasional requests and will inform the convener.

  7. Smaller team sizes are preferred. Recommended Minor League team size between 9 and 14 players. Recommended Little League maximum team size is between 7 (T-Ball) and 10 (5-Pitch) children.

  8. The Richmond Munster Minor Softball Association reserves the right to terminate player memberships. Non-compliance with any of By-Laws III – V could lead to termination. Written notice of termination with refund of prorated fees less refund penalty will be effective when issued.

  9. The Richmond Munster Minor Softball Association is not obligated to accept the registration of any player.

By-Law II — Protests and Suspensions

Any member of the league violating the Constitution or By-Laws or refusing to abide by the decision of the League Executive shall be expelled or suspended.
Protests arising out of league competition must be made, in writing to your Association within forty-eight hours, and accompanied by a fee of $10.00.  A protest, to be eligible, must first be made to an umpire during the game. The protest shall be decided by a meeting of the League Executives.

By-Law III — Executive – Election and Dismissal

There will be an Executive consisting of six members for the Richmond Munster Minor Softball Association.  These members will include the President, Treasurer, Registrar, Publicity Coordinator, Little League Convener and Equipment Manager.

The President convenes the Minor League.

There will be a minimum of 4 meetings per annum.  A quorum of 3 executive members is required in order to vote.  The majority of votes will decide the outcome of an order.

Executive members unavoidably absent from a meeting can vote by proxy with the chair (President) or with any executive member by indicating this option to all by email in advance of the meeting.

Each Executive member will be elected to the position.  Each position will hold a two- year term unless otherwise stated.

Should an Executive member be unable to function in an executive role (intentional or unintentional), the remaining board members would hold a meeting off-line to decide in what manner to address the issue, whether it is termination of the remaining term or additional training.

By-Law IV — Safety and Security

All coaches within the Richmond Munster Minor Softball Association will submit to a police records check. New coaches require current documentation and returning coaches need to have documentation within 3 years of date of the season.
Each game is to have a person present who is trained in First Aid and CPR to ensure the safety of our players. Allocation of trained parents will be considered in forming teams.

By-Law V — Harassment Prevention

All present at Richmond Munster Minor Softball Association events, not limited to players, coaches, volunteers, parents and guardians, are to treat each other, and the umpires, with respect at all times. Anyone who contravenes this bylaw may be asked to leave, to not attend games or practices, and can lead to termination of membership.




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