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   Little League Fun Day

T-Ball and 5-Pitch Fun Day!!

Fun Day Tournament at the Munster Main and Munster North Diamonds.

Date: Saturday, June 23rd
Time: 9:00am to 12:30pm
Location: Munster Main Diamond, Munster Elementary Diamond
Parking available at Munster Elementary (entrance off Bleeks Road), Munster Main (please leave room for BBQ set-up), and on the road on Munster Side Road.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

5-pitch teams:
9:00am Game #1 Munster Main Diamond
10:00am Fun day activities Field between Munster Main & Munster Elementary
11:00am  Game #2 Munster Main Diamond
12:00pm BBQ Parking lot at Munster Main

Due to the number of participants, the 5-pitch teams will be combined into 2 teams of 12 players for the tournament. Coaches will be given the option to separate the teams using one of the following options:

  • All players throw their gloves into a pile at home plate to have a mix among all teams. This can be done at the start of each of the two games.
  • Teams 1 (Kent Fraser) and 3 (Robin Drummond) are combined and play against a combination of teams 2 (Cody Paradis) and 4 (Terry Howie).


T-ball teams:
9:00am Watch 5-pitch game Munster Main Diamond
10:00am Game A: Team 1 vs Team 2/Team 6 Munster Main Diamond
10:00am Game B: Team 3/Team 4 vs Team 5 Munster Elementary Diamond
11:00am -12:00pm Fun day activities Field between Munster Main & Munster Elementary
11:30am - 12:30pm BBQ Parking lot at Munster Main

T-ball teams will play 1 game only. To account for confirmed participation, Team 2 (Davin/Drew) will join Team 6 (Geoff/Natalie/Cheryl); and Team 3 (Anne/Amanda) will join Team 4 (Michelle/Cathlin).
Thanks to everyone who has helped in the planning and organization of this event, and also to those who have stepped forward to volunteer in some capacity during the event.
Weather: We are keeping an eye on the weather, and we're hoping the rain will hold off. Unfortunately we do not have a rain date available, so we will be going ahead rain or shine!! Pack an umbrella or a rain coat just to be safe, and come ready for a yummy BBQ and fun with friends!
Don't forget to bring cash for the BBQ. Food is being purchased based on the order forms received, however there will be some extras available in case you didn't get your form in, or you bring other guests to join us. Donations are also very welcomed.


Team 1: Kent Fraser
Team 2: Cody Paradis, Dave Rattigan
Team 3: Robin Drummond, Gerry Mercer
Team 4: Terry Howie, Jon Chatburn

Team 1: Shannon Bailey, Jeff Doane
Team 2: Davin Dossett, Drew DeMarco
Team 3: Anne Scott, Amanda Wilson
Team 4: Michelle McIver, Cathlin Sarafin
Team 5: Terry Howie, Walter Michalchuk
Team 6: Geoff & Natalie Jackson, Cheryl Knox



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